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Artificial Stars

artificial stars play SITPArtificial Stars is an alternative/indie rock band from Sioux City IA.
In 2017, guitar player and vocalist Neil Strub and drummer Luke Sweeney were looking to start a band together after the demise of their previous band The Villain Works. Neil recruited friend and fellow guitar player and vocalist Jeff Koithan, who then brought in bassist Jesús Iñiguez.
Their first EP entitled “Beware” was released in March 2018. They have won two “Battle of the Bands” competitions, and have released a music video for their single “Bury Me”, as well as recording live with The White Wall Sessions.
After Jesús left the band in 2019, Ari Lebowitz filled in on low end duties in 2020. The band refuses to fall into any specific musical category, but rather mesh their individual styles into a unique genre that many find tough to categorize. They are currently recording their first full length album, which is set to release in fall 2022.