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Abe Stage at Saturday in the Park

waka flaka flame plays saturday in the park

The Abe Stage has grown into a destination for respected national, regional and local hip-hop and rock acts. From legendary artists such as Sir Mix A Lot, Face to Face, and Fetty Wap to up-and-coming artists such as Black Pistol Fire and Con Brio, the stage has grown into a solid stage with its own following.

Once the little brother to the main stage, Abe Stage sets are energetic crowd pleasers that attract a large following all their own. The growth of the Abe Stage has created a greater festival experience, offering music fans of all stripes options for incredible music throughout the day on multiple stages. 

After the Abe Stage area was moved to a new location within Grandview Park in 2021, the fan area now accommodates thousands more fans in a tree-lined hill overlooking the stage. 

2023 marked the 15th year since organizers Jason Reinert and Brandon Stowe brought it back. Find the Abe Stage on the northeast corner of Grandview Park, and be ready for a day of rock, metal, hip-hop, and EDM to end the night. 

ABE STAGE 2023 Lineup

10:00 PM: Sioux Sound Collective

9:15 PM: Armani White

7:30 PM: Cal Scruby

6:15 PM: The Irie

5:00 PM: NUR-D
4:00 PM: GhostCat
3:00 PM: Gifo
2:00 PM: Banana Cramps
1:00 PM 7$QUAD