Kim Simmonds & Savoy Brown finds new challenges, strive for honesty

Kim Simmonds is the kind of musician that enjoys making things harder for himself. And if he can help it, he’ll outright ignore the easy routes or shortcuts in life. On stage, Simmonds will deliberately use equipment that makes it difficult for him to play. Why? He enjoys conquering those career challenges.

The 68-year-old blues rock musician and founding member of the band Savoy Brown has been rockin’ houses since 1965. Although Simmonds is trying not to let age catch up to him, he is currently making adjustments to make his job just a tiny bit easier for himself.

“I’m one of those people where if somebody expects something from me, well, I’m going to do the opposite thing,” said Simmonds during a phone interview. “I’m not really sure if that has helped or hindered my career, but this is how I am. But I’m trying now to recognize that and realize with the age I’m at that it’s probably time for me to grow up.”

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