Danny Seraphine and CTA

World-class musicians, stellar vocalists and strong writers are at the core of CTA, the band that brought Chicago’s founding member and legendary drummer, Danny Seraphine, out of his retirement in 2006.

After teaming up with guitarist Marc Bonilla (Ronnie Montrose, Edgar Winter, Sammy Hagar, Keith Emerson, as well as many films and TV shows) to craft the perfect band, Bonilla brought keyboardist Ed Roth into the fold. It’s an ideal situation for Roth. In addition to recording his own solo records, Roth has performed with artists such as Annie Lennox and Keith Emerson.“

CTA has elements of the types of music that I feel the most — jazz, R&B and Blues — with plenty of room to stretch out and improvise,” Roth says. Providing lead vocals in CTA is actor/writer/producer and Grammy nominated Tony Grant (Tyler Perry TV shows and films and many recordings). Grant’s good looks and soulful first tenor voice make him the perfect interpreter for Peter Cetera’s vocals which Grant describes as going in and out of singing from his diaphragm and using his head tones.

“Peter is amazing and I’ve enjoyed the challenge of staying true to his brilliance as a vocalist,” Grant says. “Especially with me being an African American male.” Travis Davis also sings lead. He’s worked with artists such as Richard Page, Kevin Cronin and Keith Emerson and provides the bass in CTA that helps provide the foundation to the music.

Seraphine continues the same innovative playing in CTA, for which he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2016. His drumming propels the searing guitars, blazing horns and impassioned vocals as the band performs new arrangements of Chicago tunes as well as original material. Thus far, CTA has recorded two albums – Full Circle and Sacred Ground.

The band is looking forward to more records and lots of touring.“ Like the original CTA we have no weaknesses,” Seraphine says. “This band has it all.”