The Abe Stage



The Abe Stage, a destination to showcase alternative national, regional and local acts, typically features six to seven bands from noon to 9 p.m. on a stage located just inside Grandview Park at Grandview Avenue and 24th Street, Sioux City, Iowa.

This year’s schedule will be announced in the coming weeks.

In 2016, Sir Mix A Lot, legendary rap and hip-hop artist, played before a huge audience.

2017 will mark the 10th year since organizers Jason Reinert and Brandon Stowe brought back the Second Stage to offer national, regional and local music during the popular Saturday in the Park festival.

This year’s Saturday in the Park is July 1 and runs from noon to 10:30 p.m.

Performer Lineup

  • Brother Ali
  • Prof
  • The Magnolias
  • DAD
  • Sharkweek
  • Heatbox
  • Stop Motion Skeletons
  • Goodbye Old Friend
  • Tapwater Shrimp