2017 Lineup: Port Nocturnal

Port Nocturnal was started September 2015 in their powerless band house using car battery converters to jam and sculpt the album Spire Daze in Sioux City by Zach Pickens, Seth Wozny, Grace Claeys, Spencer Aspleaf & Layne Medema.

Their first show booked as a band was at Hard Rock so they were thrown head first into the world of playing high capacity venues and forced to learn what high caliber musicianship truly was, the band took that newfound knowledge and applied it by playing shows nearly every week for their first year resulting in them being offered to tour to Oakland, Calif., to record their first album Spire Daze.

The band’s sound can be described as Postmodern Midwestern Desert Rock, with elements of Blues, Psychedelic, Progressive/Art Rock & Improvisational music ala Stoner Doom & Jazz informing their grooves tuned in on the network of neurological signals and cellular wisdoms that radiate pure bluesy psychedelic alleviation.